Monday, October 31, 2005

Read These Books!

My goal is to spread the word on education reform issues. As far as literature, I don't need to come up with new material -- the books are already out there.

I highly recommend two books. The first is "Education Myths" by Jay Greene. The subtitle says it all: "What Special Interest Groups Want You to Believe about Our Schools -- And Why It Isn't So". Read this book to get a clear outline of the basic myths out there along with a summary of the research and reasoning pertaining to each one. Here is an Amazon link:

The second book is "Cheating Our Kids" by Joe Williams. This book is more anecdotal. It tells some very powerful stories about various scandals in our system. I don't love the author's suggestions for action (I think there are better paths), but I think he does a great job of illustrating the problems. Here is an Amazon link:


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